Party time


It was Tim’s birthday so we had another party.

I gave him two gifts I made on the island, a handspun, and some hand dyed, tablet woven eyeglass case with a pair of sunglasses.



And a backstrap woven inkle band fir a key chain. These were both learning projects. I learned a lot and he got a gift. The sunglasses were my used ones but his weren’t comfortable. I also brought a new Timex watch for him because his broke just before we left home. He’s been doing fine with a sub though.


I made a batch of ice cream from the Friends of Deal Island Lighthouse cookbook that was good. I used evaporated milk, milk powder, yogurt, honey and vanilla. You whip it together, freeze it for a bit then really whip it. I decided to add some strawberry jam at the second step. This accompanied a peach upside down cake.


I invited the worker bees over and we had a party with hip, hip hoorahs.

All tied up



I can spin cotton yarn on my charkha loom.

It’s a magical process as the thread draws out of the handful of cotton. That little oil can holds lanolin, sold in large cans as a lubricant. Now I am trying to gather enough for a weaving project. I ply (twist to yarns together) on my drop spindle.

Tablet weaving is progressing swimmingly. That’s where I use cards with 4 holes in them as my loom. I have been wearing my new belt for several weeks.

I found a zinc washer to work as a buckle and my pants haven’t fallen down yet. I tie my backstrap loom to the crank on the hoist clothes line. The spinning clothes line was invented in Australia and it’s a marvel. On windy days, it twirls with the wind and clothes dry in an hour!

I am working on a second strap – belt, camera strap – with the cards, in wool. Pretty.



I have also figured out how to inkle weave on a backstrap loom thanks to a fabulous website, published by an Australian woman who lives and weaves in Bolivia.

This ties me to the coffee table leg. I also turn the table on its side and use it as a warping board to measure and organize the warp threads.

Ravelry then put me in touch with another Australian woman who has lived and traveled in Asia to study weaving techniques. And, she’s teaching a course in October in the States, and I’m attending!

So much to do, so little time.

Tim corralled me for the road gang yesterday, gang of me and him, to clear the ditches and culverts on the lighthouse road. It brought back physical memories of the last time we did it. He’s been on his own there for a while so it’s time for me to chip in. I think I cleared 100 yards an hour. Hoo boy.

And my garden grows. Maybe, just maybe, we’re at the end of the tomatoes. I cooked up another batch of sauce a couple of days ago and had soup yesterday.

We are eating arugula, silverbeet, green beans, radishes, beets and carrots. Broccoli and cabbage is coming along but not quite ready to harvest. I seem to be winning my battle with the aphids and rats.


These are some of my hopefuls. I have planted cauliflower , broccoli, cabbage, spinach, carrots, green beans, peas, broad beans, beets, and lettuce. Oh yes, and…TOMATOES! I just hope the little seedlings take hold. Beans are doing well, just like Jack and the Beanstalk. The others are slower.



And here’s where I get to prepare our delicious meals. Nice view!


Sunday was the day of rest for the weedies so we took a six hour bushbash, and what a bash it was. I have the scratches on my forearms from crashing through the underbrush, and a bruised ego due to my s l o w descents on open rock, to prove it.

It was fabulous because it took us to a part of the island we didn’t get to last time, largely because the bush was thick we thought it impassable. Apparently, it wasn’t.

We saw the compound from the northeast.

Three cairns, if you count one with about five rocks in it, but definitely manmade.



A sea eagle’s nest spilling from the cliff face. It must have been at least six feet tall.


We lunched at the base of the elusive pulpit rock. It was a perfect day.

From sea level, we just “popped up” the hill, through the brush, “popped along the ridge”, through said brush, to another hill, then descended along a slip sliding rock dirt slope. I wasn’t pretty.


But the views were stunning, the company fun and the swim in Garden Cove at the end was outstanding.

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