On the home front

I’ve been home a few days to visit. Soon I’ll be off again to see my dear son and daughter-in-law to be. In the meantime I’ve made progress on several unfinished projects.

I made several attempts on a “playful” panda hat pattern and think I have it now. This one is in fingering weight I’m gonna try the next in heavier yarn, DK.


I only made one hat but I took one picture in the mirror so they look like they’re facing different directions.

I finished and blocked my lace mohair cropped cardigan that I started sometime in the summer, when we were sailing. I remember how it blew in the wind while I was trying to work on it. I wanted it to be snug and there’s negative ease alright, I can’t eat too much until I wear it.


The wool braided rug is taking forever! I’ve become much less compulsive about how the strips fold and may finally finish it – or just declare it done.


And I’m quilting this darling bargello baby quilt. Speedy project I found online and a great way to use up odd bits of fabric.


I’m glad I had a chance to visit home. The scenery has been amazing, leaves in full color, milkweed shedding seeds.



After a brief hiatus at home and work, I hit the road – flew in the air – to visit my darling daughter.

I tied up lighthouse projects before I left. In addition to repairing picnic tables , glazing and painting windows, mowing trails and making scaffolding marginally safe, I knit two hats, tried two panda patterns (one of which I rejected because it wasn’t fun to knit) and wove a potholder.



Now to see what projects Chelsea has for me at her new apartment.

Home for the colors

My garden froze when the temperature fell to 28 degrees f while we were away. But the trees sure are pretty, at home…

And at work.


One of these robins flew into our window this morning and the other sat nearby until the concussed one pulled itself together and shook it off. Unless, the first did it before we woke up and just happened to be there when its mate fell from the sky.