Home for the colors

My garden froze when the temperature fell to 28 degrees f while we were away. But the trees sure are pretty, at home…

And at work.


One of these robins flew into our window this morning and the other sat nearby until the concussed one pulled itself together and shook it off. Unless, the first did it before we woke up and just happened to be there when its mate fell from the sky.


Expected and unexpected visitors

Let’s start at the end. Another glorious sunset on our last night on Seguin.

A work party from the Navy painted the boat house, moved timbers and disassembled the precarious scaffolding. We moved roof shingles from two buildings off island by dinghy. I’m exhausted. I even took a quick swim at the end of the day.




Somewhere in the middle of the day I was invited aboard a boat and had sushi! Fresh bluefin tuna. It was delicious. Then more people arrived and I showed them around the lighthouse.

As we settled in for the evening, there was a knock at the door. One of the guests managed to beach himself just after high tide. Looks like we have an overnight guest.


A burn, blackberries and boats


Low tide was around. 7:00 am and we started the day with a burn. We notified a fire dept in CT but they had no idea who or where we were. The local fire department wasn’t interested.


I foraged for blackberries to make a cake , clafouti, flan? It was pretty good. Plus there are great views of the lighthouse from the blackberry patch.

Tomorrow, a group of volunteers is coming out to get old roof shingles off the island and to scrape and paint the boat house. Platforms were put in place and I was nominated as the safety person. I added lifelines and roofing shingles for traction. My daughter, who is a bona fide safety person, was horrified.




Cruise ships passed by while I worked.


Tomorrow will be hectic so I said my goodbyes to the island tonight. Until next year.