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Shopping list

I passed my board recertification exam with flying colors and my thoughts turned to the food list. I prepared it today, heard back from the market, and we are good to go. Here it is. I’m having trouble with the link to Google Drive. It seems to work if you download the document. Here is […]

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We’re (thinking about) preparing for our next caretaker adventure, back to Deal Island, Tasmania. I’m glad I read this Wikipedia articleWe will be on the island during their fall, March-June, and it may not be as cold as I expected. It’s tempered by the sea and 40 mph winds that frequently buffet the island. We’re […]

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Let’s start at the end. Another glorious sunset on our last night on Seguin. A work party from the Navy painted the boat house, moved timbers and disassembled the precarious scaffolding. We moved roof shingles from two buildings off island by dinghy. I’m exhausted. I even took a quick swim at the end of the […]

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