A beautiful ending

We are poised to leave Deal island on the 15th of March. The Parks manager arrived with the new caretakers today and we are officially off duty. And the weather couldn’t be better. It’s warm, like summer. It was calm this morning for their trip out. We’ll see how we fare in two days. We’ve spent the past couple of days cleaning and getting everything in order. Now we’ve moved over to the visitor’s house and are visitors. Yesterday we walked to the lighthouse and had fun looking at our shadows. P3120147.JPG

At the end of the day, I had a home brewed stout, which had a creamy foam.


Today, I put the work gloves away. It’s official.

7 comments to A beautiful ending

  1. Onyi says:

    It must be a weird feeling to be finishing up on Deal Island, your experiences have been amazing. Thanks for sharing them via your blog. If you are back in Launceston on Thursday night we’d love to see you at Knitting in the Pub.

  2. Linda says:

    Come on home to the Adks! Still snow cover so you might have culture shock. It will be nice to see you.

  3. Fer says:

    So glad you enjoyed your time there. I wonder what the next adventure holds for you!

  4. blackgecko says:

    Your time has gone so quickly! You’ve inspired me… one day I may do a stint on Deal :-)

  5. Ruth says:

    Ohhh, so amazing what you have lived and we have shared. Happy trails… and may the wind be at your back! – R

  6. carol meaker says:

    safe travels and see you soon! c/j

  7. Janet from Melbourne says:

    My family looks forward to your next great adventure. You Americans are always so interesting and inventive.

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