S’no work

Tim started to make noises about needing new mittens because both his pairs of double knit mittens (essentially two layers of fabric knit at the same time) had shrunk, felted and developed holes from grabbing trees on the way up and down mountains. They were a lot of work to make because it is as if you knit four mittens per pair. I had a better idea.



I added cuffs and darned the holes. This was much quicker with two finished projects in no time. Now I have more time to play in the snow.


We finally had a decent snowfall yesterday and I put on my cross country skis and skied the woods next door. Every year, I make a loop track, shaking the snow off low branches and skiing initially through snow almost to me knees. Then once cut, I ski it for about an hour. No thinking about where to go, just keep skiing and the track is laid out in front of me. I think of it as my meditation labyrinth with a little exercise thrown in. I enjoy this much better than the indoor nordic track. And my new mittens held up and started to felt a bit, just the way they should.


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